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Scratch Programming - The Platform Game

The platform game is a very simple and quite abstract version of classic platform games such as Super Mario Brosexternal link icon and Donkey Kongexternal link icon. Once again, classic games that I remember playing as a kid.

Code iconThe basic Platform game - you may need to right click and Save as to save the game to your computer

Note that this a Scratch 2 project. It needs version 2 of Scratch to work!

The game needs work. There's only one level and it's, well, a bit basic. That's fine - this is where you (and your amazing imagination) come in.

PowerPoint iconThe Platform Game challenges - a PowerPoint for use in class

To develop your own platform game you need to add levels. Think about what the different colours do to the character.

Once again, the Platform game was produced by Scratcher (and teacher) mistermacleodexternal link icon (who is my official Scratch hero by the way). I've remixed it from the Scratch websiteexternal link icon under the same Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic licenseexternal link icon. In other words, use it however you like, but give both mistermacleod and me credit for using it (and link to here please if you put it online)

An idea...

I've been thinking about this platform game a bit recently...

I wonder if it's possible to make it so that different colours do different things depending on which level you're on? So, on level 1 red might be "bad" but on level 3 it might give a bonus or something.

I think this should be possible. Here's an idea:

The AND element of that can be achieved by using a green operators block.

If you fancy a real challenge try it out and see if you can get it to work...

Using Scratch

Scratch is available free on the web without having to log in or download anything.

There are basic instructions on the my first Scratch page.

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