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Functional ICT - Help Sheets and Exercises

I haven't taught Functional ICT for a few years now and was still quite surprised to find out that it was still going. A lot of the help sheets here are aimed at older versions of Office software, but the key ideas should still be vaguely helpful.

To pass Functional Skills IT you'll need to be able to word process, produce posters, design effective presentations and use spreadsheets with confidence, including to produce graphs.

Some of those core skills might need a spot of practice or you might have forgotten how to do something important. Here, hopefully, is where this section comes in!

As well as the guides and exercises in this section there's also the Heart Tough Exercises, which will take you through an entire exam paper at both Level 1 and Level 2. You'll probably also find a whole load of other useful resources on your school system.

Word Processing Skills :

Remember, the key is getting your document Fit for Purpose. Make sure it's laid out clearly, uses clear fonts, avoids Word Art unless it's actually needed and works as a printed document.

pdf iconBasic word processing skills - takes you through the basics

pdf iconUsing Tables - a guide to the bit that's most likely to cause problems

pdf iconLetter layout guide - a basic guide to how to lay a half decent letter out

For help writing letters (and laying out other documents) you might want to take a look at this page on laying out a formal letterwiki link or this letter writing guidewiki link which has lots of different options.

pdf iconWork experience letter task - a practice task writing a letter

pdf iconMemo Guide - how to create a memo using a template

pdf iconObidos Travel memo task - a practice exercise using a memo

And how to produce an e-mail in an exam:

PDF iconE-mail screenshots in exams

Presentation Skills

Remember that presentations need to work on screen. Don't put too many words on each slide and make sure the font is big enough. The key is getting it Fit for Purpose.

pdf iconBasic presentation skills - takes you through the basics.

pdf iconSunnycoombe holiday park presentation task - producing a basic presentation

This task requires:

Txt iconInfo for presentation.txt - this is the text you can use for the presentation

Image iconSunnycoombe map.jpg

Image iconSunnycoombe logo.jpg

Spreadsheet Skills

It really is all about the formulae. Use them properly, use SUM and remember to use the funky star wars button to show formulae.

Jasmine and Ruby produced some help sheets when they were preparing for an exam a few years ago. I've used them here as they're better than the ones I'd made.

PDF iconRuby's guide to formatting cells

PDF iconJasmine's guide to borders and percentages

PDF iconJasmine's guide to Formulas and Functions

PDF iconRuby's guide to using IF statements

Neither of them got around to showing how to Show Formulas in Excel, so I wrote a guide to that...

PDF iconMy guide to showing formulas in Excel

Roar Haircutters

pdf iconRoar Haircutters spreadsheet task - a full spreadsheet task to work through

pdf iconHelp sheet for more complex areas of the Roar task

excel iconCompleted Roar haircutters spreadsheet - to let you check you're doing it about right

Graph Drawing

Note that these files deal with graph drawing in Office 2003. It's changed a lot since then but the chances are I won't get around to updating this at all. It should show you the sorts of things you need to include at least.

pdf iconBar chart task

pdf iconPie chart task

pdf iconComparative bar chart task

pdf iconDivided bar chart task

excel iconThese tasks all require the Fish Graphs.xls spreadsheet file

Desk Top Publishing Skills

DTP skills are all about cool layout. Don't forget that munchkin looking Word Art doesn't make a document cool and funky and really isn't Fit for Purpose. Think style!

pdf iconPoster design ideas - posters and other DTP tasks are where word art actually comes in useful