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Computer Science GCSE

Programming workbooks

PDF icon1. Variables and data

PDF icon2. Strings

PDF icon2.5 Some string problems

PDF icon3. Mathematical operators


Pseudocode will be used in exams as they can't assume everyone will have used Python. You certainly need to know how it works and be familiar enough with it to work out what code means in an exam. It's not essential to get the syntax perfect when you're writing code - just so long as the logic is clear.

Basics - algorithms and data:

A few core resources that don't belong anywhere else just now.

PDF iconAlgorithms - PDF of a powerpoint used in class

PDF iconInput, Process, Output model - a diagram

Errors and testing:

This relates to programming but will also appear in exams by itself.

PDF iconErrors - three types of error

PDF iconTesting - an introduction