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Applied ICT A Level Unit 8 - Project Management

Note: this page applies to the AQA Applied ICT A level specification. This exam was withdrawn in 2012, with final exams in 2013. The content will be retained as an archive and because it has some stuff that might be quite useful for someone or other

Mobile phoneThe Checklist

Make sure your pages are numbered and that everything's clear and easy to read. Hold it together in a sensible sort of way. Having screenshots nice and clear (and possibly numbered if they are in a library of some kind) would be convenient as well.

You probably want to put your portfolio together in this sort of order:

The Story:

This is the main section of the portfolio. Please feel free to use sub-headings and so on to break this down. You'll probably want to break it into at least three main sections:

  1. Starting Out - all the planning and brainstorming bits
  2. Creating the Thing - the stage when you were all working on your bits
  3. Finishing Off - the testing, evaluations and so on

I would probably include some evidence directly in the story - things like group roles or ways I used specific pieces of software. Other bits, like reference to minutes or tables summarising skill development, I might cross reference. It is up to you to an extent - so long as you cover everything and make it as easy as possible to see the story developing!

PDF iconSome ideas about how to cross-reference while telling the story

Story Part 1 - Starting Out:

  • introduce the project
  • roles
  • group objectives
  • personal objectives
  • setting up protocols etc...
  • planning for unexpected events
  • mention of timeplanning (with cross-reference to section B)
  • planning how to use ICT (or cross-reference to section B)
  • success criteria

Story Part 2 - Creating the Thing

  • how you did it - both the team as a whole and you (see AO4 row 3)
  • what software you used and how you used it
  • what problems you had
  • how you overcame them (cross-reference to proactive skills developed and providing ICT support to others)

Cross-reference to skills, project management tools, communications etc... throughout

Story Part 3 - Finishing Off

  • bring the story to an end
  • evidence of the project being assessed against success criteria (AO4-4)
  • evaluation of project (AO4-5)
  • evaluation of your part in the project (AO4-5)

You might want to cross-reference to project management aspects (Section B) quite a lot in this

Section B - Managing the Project:

You can evidence a bit more than just the standard timeplanning stuff here:

If necessary, use a witness statement:

MS Word iconWitness Statement Form

Section C - Skills section:

This stuff can be referred to when required in the story telling element. Deal with:

Section D - Meeting and Communication Record:

NB: many of these bits can have be produced by someone else in the team

This will probably have lots of bits of paper in it (preferably all numbered up nice and easily please!) but not actually have very much story telling or linking together. You're just going to refer to the individual documents as you use them

Section E - Bibliography:

You might want a bibliography, perhaps to cross reference sources you've been proactive in using to develop your skills? You don't need this (I think) but it might be handy as evidence possibly

You might or might not need an additional screenshot library. I don't know - it depends how you'd prefer to work in the whole story telling bit.